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 GetFeetWet Gift Cards

Simply the best way to give your friends, relatives or your special someone a gift that says you care. Gift cards give the gift recipient the choice  of  when and how to use the gift and since it is a GetFeetWet Gift Card, the renown GetFeetWet Customer Care is already built-in.

Gift Cards Offer the following benefits:

  • Don't Spoil the surprise ! A gift that says "I know you have always wanted this" without having to spoil the surprise of gift giving. Without without gift cards, the gift giver is faced with the dilemma of tipping the recipient of the gift in order to find out specifics of what the recipient prefers or speculating on what the recipient really wants.
  • Share the cost  of a high-value gift - Sometimes gift giver is not able to fully finance the purchase price of a much desired gift. There are also situations where it may be inappropriate for the gift giver to pay for the full cost of the gift. Instead of settling for a lower cost gift that the recipient would rather not get, the gift giver can use gift cards to share the cost the desired gift.
  • Classy  - Cash gifts comes across as a gift of last resort. Not only is it tacky but it also does not send the message that only a well thought out gift choice brings. Gift cards says "I have been listening to you and I know you want this so I am giving you your choice.". 
  • No heavy lifting- We do the heavy lifting. No need to carry a gift like 35 lbs radar to the celebration. Slip him the gift card and the 35 lbs radar will be in his boat next time you come by for a visit.
  • Maximum Flexibility - Gift recipient can choose when and how to use the gift card. Recipient may choose to delay the purchase in anticipation of a yet to be released model or wait until the price drops on an older model. On the other hand, gift cards also ensure that the funds are not "inadvertently" spent  for unintended purpose.
  • Gift Giving Creativity- With obscure nature of gift cards, gift  givers can  be creative on how to when and how the gift will be presented to the recipient.  

Important Information:

  • GetFeetWet Gift Cards do not have expiration dates.
  • GetFeetWet Gift Cards can be transferred and used by the recipient or by any person receiving the gift card from the original recipient.

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