Thank you for 2012 and wishing you the very best for 2013

In behalf of all the GetFeetWet staff and team members, I would like to thank you for a successful 2012. While our company continues to be challenged by a sluggish worldwide economy, we have are happy to announce that we have achieved our goals in expanding our client base. We have grown US-based client base by 20% and international client base by 15%. We have also expanded our catalog to include over 21,000 new SKUs from over 230 new manufacturers. We have also successfully launched our Installer Program and Parcel Forwarding Service.

Let's Start 2013 with a Good Deed - Let Save Lives !!!
Save hundreds in dollars while you are it (see below)

Victims of Tropical Storm Wukong - Need Shelter, Food, Water and Clothing

Watch video HERE or follow link:

Unfortunately, we have also seen quite a few gut wrenching events in 2012 including hurricane Sandy that devastated the US East Coast. The devastation we have seen in the  Sandy aftermath still pales in comparison to the plight of the those impacted by typhoons in poor countries like the Philippines. The people affected by the typhoons in these countries have not only lost their possessions but are still dealing with their very survival. They need shelter, food, clean water and clothing. They need our help and need our help now.

GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc  has decided to make a difference and not only to raise funds but also to reach out to our clients, vendors, associates who would like to part of this meaningful undertaking. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc will match every dollar raised by clients. Moreover, we are tying in to this fund raising  a  GetFeetWet Free Shipping program designed to potentially save clients hundreds of dollars in their future purchases. Save lives and save money !!

Here is how:

Proceeds from this fund raising will be donated to the victims in the Philippines of Tropical Storm Wukong through the Philippine Red Cross and other non-profit organizations directly involved in helping the victims.

There is nothing better than to start the new year with a good deed. As it has been proven time and time again, "GIVING and GOODWILL  make good business sense as they are returned to you in spades full"



Nolan Laxamana
GetFeetWet Navigation Inc
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Storm Relief  Promotional Code - Terms and Condition
- Free Ground Shipping limited to lower 48 states if the United States
- Cannot be combined with other promotions such as sales or special quotes
- For international shipping, Promotional Code will provide a special 10% discount off the quoted shipping cost
- Promotional code only applies to a total order of $100 or more