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We have already incoporated a lot of exciting features to make sure that we continue to be responsive to your needs and provide you even more value, including:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- What can GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc do for your business
- Why dealing with only with manufacturers do not always yield best results
- How GetFeetWet provide best value and access to inventory
- Why is the GetFeetWet Navigation approach to product distribution unique.
- What is the GetFeetWet Navigation Inc International buyer program
- Case Studies (Must Read)
- Conclusion


Quick Company Overview

GetFeetWet Company Profile
Let me introduce the company. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc is a US based company with headquarters in California and has been in business for 15 years serving both domestic and international client base. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc  has a reputation in the industry as the preferred distributor and sourcing partner by many professional installers due it diverse prodcut catalog, access to an exclusive distribution network and consolidated order fulfillments. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc catalog features more than 120,000 SKUs from more than 1100 manufacturers  and utilizes a network of manufactures and distributors to provide clients not only best pricing options but more important, access to inventory when they need them. Through its exclusive network of manufacturers and distributors, GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc is able to offer manufacturer/invoice cost pricing and deliver top-rate order fulfillment (product availability and timely delivery) to its clients. This will allow clients to focus on job they do best and not be hindered product sourcing activities or logistical issues. 

With unprecedented access to inventory available in the market at any given time, GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc is able to offer complete cost effective solutions that will satisfy the most demanding requirements regardless of  budget constraints or system complexity. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc can do the research work needed to develop a solution for any given requirement and has has in-depth knowledge product specifications, performance and availability. It has forged relationships with the very best technical minds in the industry which allows for a collaborative approach to yield the best solution for any requirement given the constraints and circumstances. Quite simply, we provide the research, sourcing, and support as may be needed by clients. Alternatively,  clients can simply provide the "grocery list"  and GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc does the rest. 
Another vital service to installers that GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc provides is the Project Quote Service. Project quotes can be customized for the installer so that the time to turnaround a quote for the installer's client is shortened significantly. Moreover, changes to the configuration and the subsequent modification of the quote can be completed in almost no time, thereby enhancing the reputation of the installer and  allowing the project to be green lit as soon as possible. 
GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc offers installers manufacturer/invoice cost pricing and FREE shipping for orders over $1000.  Moreover, we also cut delivery time by shipping from the closest fulfillment center to the client's shipping address. GetFeetWet ships from fulfillment centers located on CA, WA, ID, SC, FL, NJ. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc will utilize its exclusive network to make sure that any solution is delivered on time.
It is a mistake to assume that buying direct from the manufacturer or a given distributor will always yield the lowest possible price for a product. It is no secret that deals between manufacturers and dealers/distributors are happening all the time. A distributor can negotiate a bulk buy with a deep discount on a specific product. Until that product is sold out, that distributor will have the lowest priced sourcing option. It is also possible that a buy-all arrangement for special inventory such as refurbished and close-out items can be negotiated by a distributor. Without knowledge of who has what, saving opportunities for these type of inventories may not be taken advantage of. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc gets product feeds from all its major sourcing options which represents 95% of inventory available in the market. These product feeds are processed into the GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc catalog which can then be scanned when researching for product pricing or solution alternatives. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc knows what and where the inventory is. 

How can GetFeetWet provide best value and access to inventory for my projects or requirements
GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc leverages its buying power to negotiate the best possible terms from all sourcing options (e.g. manufacturers, distributors, importers, etc). GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc utilizes a complex data processing system that parses all product information feed from all sourcing options and build a consolidated product database from which quotes or solutions can be generated. Sourcing options are classified based on their pricing model, shipping location, quality control, customer service, etc. The database can be searched to yeild the lowest price option or when time is of the essence, which option is in a position to gurantee delivery on a timely basis.  With the combined sourcing option in the GetFeetWet database representing 90% of available inventory at any given time, any client requirement can be sourced out  against the market in almost no time.

Why is the GetFeetWet Navigation approach to product distribution and sourcing unique.
The GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc solutions are not be limited to what a given manufacturer, dealer or distributor has on it catalog but rather it can evaluate client requirements and present solutions from various perspectives including budget, project time line, system expandability, equipment fault tolerance, redunancy, etc. GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc solutions takes into account what technology has to offer regardless of brandname and looks at the entire market deliver the solution.  With a GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc solution, your installation will not be compromised due to the lack of inventory from a given manufacturer, dealer or distributor. Instead, you will have access to what the entire market has in its inventory and get it delivered within your time constraints.

Here are more info on our Internationl Buyer Program:

What is the International buyer program
The international Buyer Program consists of several GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc initiatives and policies designed specifically for clients operating outside the United States. The program addresses many areas that international clients are typically concern about, such as:

We have partnered with FEDEX International to provide the best service, flexibility and shipping rates possible for our clients. FEDEX International Shipping will be quoted as before the final quote is finalized. Most popular shipping method is via FEDEX International Economy (3-5 Business Days) or FEDEX International Priority (1-3 Business Days). Our FEDEX International rates are normally about 40%-60% off the standard shipping rates. If clients have and shipping accounts with FEDEX or other carriers, GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc can ship using the client's account if preferred. If client has utilizes an a freight forwarder, GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc can ship direct to the forwarder and if the order is more than $1000, GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc will ship the package free of charge. Clients can also be quoted containder load FOB or CIF.

Tracking Package
FEDEX tracking information will be automatically emailed to client using the email address on record. Client will be able to track the package online by logging to and entering the tracking number. If client opted for other shipping arrangement, tracking information will be provided as soon as this information is made available to GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc by the carrier.

FEDEX will clear the delivery through Customs. This is the most expedient way to get less than a container load delivered to packages door-to-door. If Customs duties are levied, it has to be paid by the client to FEDEX at the time of delivery.  We will prepare all the essential documentation needed to clear Customs. We will declare your package for Customs purposes based on your instructions. On certain situations, some clients have requested that the package be declared as a promotional item, warranty return, or commercial sample. We will accommodate clients requests within reasonable limits. You can also provide instructions on product classification and value declaration. Given our experience working with clients all over the world, we can share best practices that have resulted in significant savings to our clients You can provide your instructions via "Special Instructions" during checkout or via email as a follow-up to the order. 
Custom Duties, VAT and other taxes  can be levied by your countries taxing authorities at their discretion within the provisions of applicable laws. We have no influence or control over Custom's decisions. Clients outside the jurisdiction of USA are responsible for any duties levied by Customs on goods being imported by the client. 

Parcel Forwarding 
Another popular service is our Parcel Forwarding Service which enables our international clients to make purchases from any seller or marketplace in the USA including Amazon, eBay or companies that do not ship direct to international addresses. These purchases can be shipped to GetFeetWet for consolidation and forwarding. For more details visit our Parcel Forwarding page


It time to give us a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Working with us on your requirements is also one way of validating that you are getting the best possible deal and arrangement  vis-a-vis your current provider of choice. eMail ( us your next requirement and I can guarantee you that will do our very best to gain your trust and business.


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