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Search Engine Google
Overview Without a doubt, Google is the dominant search engine in the  internet and capable of presenting to the buyer hundreds of product offerings with just a click of the button. Google search results can be divided into two main categories, organic and sponsored. Organic search results are generated from information collated by Google spiders and crawlers that continuously search  the internet for relevant information. Sponsored results are paid advertising from companies offering their products or services for sale to the public. Organic searches are preferred and given more weight by most google searchers. Google has also launched many complimentary services including a  Pay-per-Click product comparison service that will go head to head with companies like Price Grabber, Nextag, etc
Buyer Risk Google does not offer any pre-screening of sellers or guarantee that sellers will live up to their representations. Any individual or entity can buy ads on google as long as what they are offering is not in violation of a law. Buyers are left to fend for themselves.  To the inexperienced buyer, it is often quite difficult to determine if a seller is running a garage operation with no inventory  or a multi-million dollar merchandising operation utilizing sophisticated order fulfillment services. It is however possible to compile information on these individuals or companies with a little time and know how. Indicators that will suggest the type of operation include: 1) how long has the company and website been operational 2) source of inventory  (i.e. Authorized Dealer) 3) Place of operation (residential address or commerical establishment) 4) Verifiable contact information (use of PO boxes, cell phones, Toll Free numbers, anonymous email like gmail and yahoo are negative indicators) 5) Reviews from public rating system such as BBB, Reseller Rating, ect. Getfeetwet Navigation, Inc has a FREE service as part of its "INFORMED BUYER PROGRAM"  that  provides a company profile on request. Click => HERE .
Alterntively, you can review or request the company profiles from the Blog below
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Buyer Protection Credit Card Fraud Protection
Seller Performance Feedback Only available via third party rating services (e.g. Reseller Rating). Rating integrity has been questioned as no prior purchase is required to post feedback. Sellers can spam the rating by posting positive feedback using fictitious email accounts.
Buyer Seller Communication and Relationship Excellent: Transactions are handled directly between buyer and seller. There is no middleman like eBay and Amazon that monitors communication between buyer and seller and confines communication to just the completion of the transaction.
Pricing Model Excellent: No additional commission charged to sellers by middlemen like Amazon (13%+) and eBay (8%+). Sellers are free to dictate their price based on their cost (product cost + shipping cost + portion of total advertising cost) plus desired margin. Margins for commoditized products are slim due to competition among sellers advertising the same products for sale.


Market Place eBay Amazon GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc
Overview Popular among bargain hunters who are willing to take more risk with unverified product sourcing in exchange for more savings.

The place to go to when searching for "used", hard-to-find, or discontinued products.

Popular among buyers looking for fair value and reasonably safe shopping environment. Large number of sellers and inventory offers a true market place where clients  are given a clear picture of what a fair price should be. Products offered are identified by UPC or ASIN codes making it easy to compare apples to apples. Company has been in business for 15 years and has established a reputation as a one-stop-shopping destination. Offers one of the largest catalog of marine and hunting equipment (over 120,000 SKUs from over 1100 manufacturers). Direct relationships with manufacturers and a network of  partner distributors provides highest level of order fulfillment in terms of product availability and timely delivery of products.
Buyer Risk Risky: The low cost and very marginal requirements to establish an eBay account makes selling in eBay convenient and attractive. Unfortunately, the same factors also makes it an ideal place to dispose of goods that were acquired under suspicious circumstances. eBay will act on any reported illegal activity if reported and confirmed. This does not however does not deter or prevent illegal "fencing" activtities. Sellers engage in this illegal "fencing" activities have grown sophisticated over time and are now difficult to distinguish amongst the rest of seller population. 

The lack of the requirement for sellers to provide proof of ownership or legitimate sourcing option coupled with the  reputation of eBay as the place to search for basement pricing creates an environment where buyers willing to ignore prudent buying practices in favor of huge savings can encourage "fencing" activities.


Finally, as mentioned above, eBay will not hesitate to suspend or cancel the account of any seller for violation of any of its policies. A buyer account can be suspended and overnight disappear from the eBay platform thus effectively terminating any business relationship.

Caveat Emptor.

Moderate: More stringent seller requirements at Amazon plus demographics of Amazon clients who typically prefers  to  lessen the risk of  associated with eBay basement pricing makes Amazon a more safe environment for the buyer and a less preferred by individuals looking to dispose or profit from  illegally acquired goods.

Amazon has very high standard in terms of seller performance. A seller account can be suspended with no detailed explanation other than the seller has been in violation of Amazon policies. There is a very long list of ex-Amazon sellers than congregate in forums narrating their unfortunate experience with Amazon. Strangely enough a significant number of these sellers are not doing anything illegal but have simply been victims of circumstances.

Again, once an account is suspended, it is virtually impossible to regain selling priveleges thus effectively terminating any business relationship.
Good: Companies longevity (15 years of continuous operation) under the same company  banner is an indicator of company's commitment to its customers. The company's operations are housed in a commerical property that it owns which again is an indicator of a long-term commitment to the business.
Buyer Protection Good: eBay Safe Harbor, Credit Card Fraud Protection, Seller Performance and Compliance Polices (weed out non-performing sellers, sellers of illegal merchandise, non-compliant sellers), buyer feedback reviews Good: A-Z Claims, Credit Card Fraud Protection, Strict Seller Performance and Compliance Polices (weed out non-performing sellers, sellers of illegal merchandise, non-compliant sellers), buyer feedback reviews Good: Credit Card Fraud Protection, Non- Conditional Guarantee of Order Fulfillment, Third Party Rating Service such as Better Business Bureau (click HERE), Operates from its own commercial office and warehouses.
Seller Performance Feedback Good: Buyer Feedback Good: Buyer Feedback Good: Better Business Bureau, Reseller Rating, Forum Feedack, Testimonials
Transaction Supported Auction, Fixed Price, Best Offer Fixed Price Fixed Price, Price Matching, Bundle Pricing, Volume Discount
Buyer Seller Communication and Relationship Moderate: Communication between buyer and seller closely monitored by eBay and must be done within the ebay messaging system. Exchange of email and contact information outside ebay are not encouraged and considered a policy violation in most cases. Moderate: Commnication between buyer and seller is monitored by Amazon and must be done using their proprietary messaging system. eMail information are not allowed to be posted. Clients need to be comfortable dealing with a seller behind the Amazon curtain. Excellent: Access to company staff using all means of communication (email, phone call, chat service, blogs, forums) are fully supported. Clients can choose to deal with a dedicated representative with the rest of the company acting as backup. Representatives are not paid on commission and participate in a team oriented profit sharing.
Order flexibility Rigid: eBay prohibits any transaction that will result in additional items being purchased outside of ebay even as part of  an original eBay purchase transaction. Sellers must post in eBay the additional items and Buyer must buy them as a separate transaction. Rigid: Products are sold in Amazon based on their UPC or ASIN code which means that there will be only one product per product listing. Custom bundles cannot be offered as Amazon product grouping is based on standardized code. Supplementary transactions done outside Amazon as part of an original order is considered a policy violation Flexible: Offers one of the largest catalog in the industry from which a multi-item configuration can processed as one single order and avail of savings flowing from consolidated shipping and total order discounts.
Shipping Flexibility Flexible: Seller may choose to ship to an address other than the billing address of the buyer. Payment Information about the buyer is known to the seller as the seller processes the payment directly. Rigid: Amazon performs all the background checks on buyers and does not share payment information with sellers. Seller must ship to the registered Amazon address of the client. Amazon will not reimburse sellers that do not sell to the registered Amazon address of the client. Flexible: Company will ship to any address once client identity has been verified and that the client is the authorized user of the card.
Long-Term Support Unpredicatable: eBay sellers span the full spectrum of seller types, from garage operations to multi-million dollar operations. No eBay seller is guaranteed access to eBay services as part of an ongoing relationship. eBay has strict company policies that  must be adhered to buy sellers. Violation of any of these policies may result in outright suspension of the sellers account and effectively terminating the business overnight. Unpredictable: Amazon sellers are on average bigger operations that ebay sellers. The Amazon selling policies are strictly enforced. It is not uncommon to hear about a seller than a 99% approval rating and been selling though Amazon for many years  and find out that his selling privileges have been suspended. Amazon does not share in detail what accounts are suspended. All that is known is that once the account is suspended, it is almost impossible to get selling priveleges back and the seller and his company disappears in thin air. Fairly Predicatble: Company has been arond for 15 years and owns and operates it main office/warehouse in Moorpark, California. Company has full control of its fate as on-going business concern.
Pricing Model Expensive: eBay charges sellers a final value commission fee  that can range from 8% to about 12% of the purchase price for any transaction completed. This fee is added to the total cost of the buyer and will ultimately be reflected on the selling price.

The price of an item purchased from a manufacturer is expected to be higher in eBay with all else being equal relative to a buying the same item outside of eBay.

eBay however offers a unique buying opportunity for individuals who have inventory or goods to dispose of. Significant savings can be realized from this "garage sale" type of transactions.
Most expensive: Amazon charges sellers a commission fee  that averages 16% of the purchase price for any transaction completed. This fee is added to the total cost calculation of the buyer and will ultimately be reflected on the selling price.

The price of an item purchased from a manufacturer is expected to be higher in Amazon with all else being equal relative to a buying the same item outside of Amazon..

The reputation of Amazon as safe shopping environment  and fairly priced product offerings seem to justify the higher price that  Amazon buyers are willing to pay relative to alternatives offered outside Amazon.
Competitive:  Company uses cost plus pircing that simply looks at the invoice cost of any product, credit card transaction fees and a handling fee that can be anywhere from $10.00 to $45.00 depending on the size and weight of the product.

Several pricing programs such bundle pricing, deeply discounted or free shipping, price matching,etc makes pricing very competitive.
Product Wararnty  Unpredictable: Manufacturers will known to void product warranties if the product is purchased in auction style  markerplace such as eBay. Buyers are advised to give the manufacturer a call or otherwise check the manufacturer website for information about warranties.  Predictable: Amazon marketplace does not present any issues that may void the warranty provided by the manufacturer.   Predictable: GetFeetWet  does not present any issues that may void the warranty provided by the manufacturer.