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Not Gettings Results:  After clicking the Search Button, if after 5 seconds the Cheetah Search engine does not return any result,  this indicates that the Cheetah did not find any match based on the search criteria. Modify the search criteria to be more general and review the results. You can reduce the number of items returned by the Cheetah by adding search values producting hits.

Always remember that GetFeetWet catalog has 25 times more SKUs  (120,000 SKUs)than most retail websites (Less than 5,000 SKUs) and as such the website is designed more as a distributor "Order Processing System" and not an "Online Retail Store". To effectively research your requriements and source them out, read,

Whitepaper: How to Effectively Research and Source Products   

Search Tips

1) If your search does not yield results, change keyword 1 to a single general term like manufacturer name or product category (e.g. Garmin or chartplotter). Search based in the the general keywords and examine result. Once you get results, you can further filter down these results by adding keywords filtering keyword 2 and Keyword 3 in addition to the general term in Keyword 1.

2) If search tip 1 does not yild result, it is possible that the item you are searching for are either no longer active or are not currently in stock. Change "Inventory Status: to include inactive items.

3) If search tip 1 and 2 do still do not yield results, contact our sales team and let us do  the work:

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Tips on Keyword Searching:
1) Boolean Search: Power Search will use only list items whose product name contains all the keywords listed in the search boxes

2) Expand Results: Set keywords in separate search boxes below to list more options. Example: If you set "Garmin 5212" in just one search box, the result will list any product that has the description "Garmin 5212" but will not list "Garmin Charplotter 5212". To list "Garmin Charplotter 5212", set keywords "Garmin" in one of the search boxes and "5212" in another search box.

3) Refine Results: If you want to refine your search, set keywords in separate boxes. Remember that the result will only list products who product names satisfy will the keywords listed in the search boxes. Example: If you search for "Garmin" by itself it will list a few hundred entries. If you set another keyword like "5212" in a separate search box together with the "Garmin" keyword, then the list will smaller and will only product that have Garmin AND 5212. You can continue to refined the search by adding other keywords in available search boxes like "Refurb".

4) Power Sort: Power Search allows the results to be sorted based on values of each columns and can be sorted based on in Ascending (default) or Descending order. You can easily consider only Active items by sorting based on Status column by clicking hthe column header of the Status column of the results. Clicking the Status column header multiple time will cycle between ascending and descending order.
Price Code Legends: Code Legends:

1) MAP - Minimum Advertised Price: Untileral policy imposed by manufacturers on authorized dealer and resellers to not advertised below the manufacturer MAP price of the product. Authorized dealers and resellers can not show a price lowr than MAP price in their catalog but can show a selling price lower than MAP when the item is added to cart. Dealers and resellers can offer a direct lower than MAP to any client requesting for a quote.
MAP Shopping Strategy:  a) add item to carrt to see lower pricing   b) ask for a direct quote

2) MRP - Minimum Retail Price: Untileral policy imposed by manufacturers on authorized dealer and resellers to not SELL the product below the manufacturer MRP price of the product. MRP is essentially price fixing which favors Big-Box retailers and discrimates against market forces and the clients. Moreover, MRP creates an artificial market price which in most cases is exploited by fly by night garage operators which puts the client purchase at risk.
MRP Shopping Strategy:  a) submit your complete requriements to avail of bundling opportunities that can offset inflated MRP pricing   b) business-to-business trade pricing.