GetFeetWet Price Match Guarantee

GetFeetWet Navigation, Inc is the premier global distribution company of marine, hunting and outdoor equipment. GetFeetWet's mission is to provide its clients a truly cost effective one-stop-shopping destination. GetFeetWet features:

                            1)  over 90,000 SKUs from over 1500 Manufacturers.
                            2)  supplemental sourcing from established network of partner distributors.
                            3)  Guaranteed Price Matching of Authorized Dealer published price.
                            4)  Expedited shipping at industry's best shipping rates. 

GetFeetWet Price Matching  Policy:

                            1)  Vendor must be a verifiable  authorized dealer of product to be purchased.
                            2)  Vendor must have the product in-stock and ready for immediate shipment
                            3)  Price matching will be for the total cost of purchase including shipping, taxes, etc
                            4)  Applies only to GetFeetWet items in stock,

To request a price match, please provide:

                            1)  Product SKU or part number.
                            2)  URL link to the product page that will show the price and in-stock status

Your Name:                    
Your eMail Address:        

Website (URL) of Seller  to be matched: 

Price Match Requested:

 Delivery Requirements:  

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