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Product Sourcing Service Options:

GetFeetWet Vendor:
Buy from GetFeetWet if the SKU is available from our partner distributor. This transaction is just like any other transaction involving the purchase and shipment of any item in the GetFeetWet catalog. GetFeetWet has over 120,000 SKUs and network of over 1100 manufacturers and distributors. Client is guaranteed complete order fulfillment performance, manufacturer warranty and pre and post sale Customer Support.

GetFeetWet Shipper:
Buy from any dealer that sells the desired SKU. and have the package shipped to GetFeetWet for consolidation and shipping. This service is part of our FREE Parcel Forwarding service to Premier clients. There is no charge for this accommodation service. The only requirement is that the shipment must include at least one product that is purchased from GetFeetWet. The client must communicate with the vendor directly and place the order directly with seller . All pre and post sale support will be provided by the seller. GetFeetWet does not guarantee product quality or order fulfillment performance of the seller. The client saves money on order consolidation and discounted shipping.

GetFeetWet Buying Agent:
Have GetFeetWet act as the client buying agent and buy the SKU from any dealer as instructed by the client. An order on the GetFeetWet system will be prepared for the purchase and once payment is processed, we will order the SKU from the seler. A 10% processing fee is charged and added to the order to cover credit card transaction fees and handling. There is no requirement that a GetFeetWet product should be art of the shipment. GetFeetwet does not provide any guarantee to the quality of the product or the performance of the seller but GetFeetWet will insure the purchase against loss or damage in transit. GetFeetWet will communicate directly with seller in making sure that the packages are delivered on a timely manner. This is ideal when significant savings can be realized buying outside the standard distribution channel sources like eBay or Amazon and seller is not willing to sell to non-US based clients. The client saves money from the potential lower cost of buying from non-traditional sources plus order consolidation and discounted shipping.

The sourcing options described above provides all our international clients not only the flexibility of choosing source options but more important, open up non-traditional sourcing options that are not directly accessible to international clients such eBay or Amazon. Moreover, clients can use the services sourcing any product as long as they are not prohibited by law.