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Powerful Mutli-Vendor Product Analysis Engine

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GetFeetWet is now a fully established "Manufacturer - Distributor Clearing House". GetFeetWet's vast network of sourcing options provide clients not only the very best pricing information but more important, access to inventory when they need them most. With in-warehouse and drop ship inventory, GetFeetWet provides product availability second to none. (NOTE that the very largest distributor is only one component of GetFeeWet's sourcing network. With hundreds of manufacturers , partner distributors and thousands of products to deal with, it is always difficult to identify what manufacturers and partner distributors are trying to move and were the savings are. With the integration of GetFeetWet's exclusive ScanEdge Product Analysis Engine, this challenge is now over.

ScanEdge is a powerful search and analysis engine that has been integrated to GetFeetWet Product Updatc processing. ScanEdge will scan not only its in-warehouse catalog but also hundreds of catalogs and product feeds from  GetFeetWet's network of manufacturers and distributors and identify products that have been discounted below a certain threshold (at least 5%). These deeply discounted products may warrant special purchase consideration. Thousands of products from various product sources are scanned and evaluated against  other sources weekly. The result of these scans are automatically fed into GetFeetWet's product update program.

ScanEdge is also highly customizable and can be configured to generate special categories based on price, rate of discount, quantity available, brand names, manufacturer, etc. ScanEdge results using standard criteria (at least 5% discounted, all brands, Price greater than $100) will be published as a "SALE" category and accessible to all clients. ScanEdge is also available as standard tool for Platinum Members who can request custom criteria to generate special categories that are updated weekly  (e.g. All Raymarine units discounted at least 10%)