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SONAR Technology for Fish Finders:
Learn about everything you need to know about SONARs, transducers, CHIRP. This over 60 page White Paper is a comprehesive compilation of all authoritative literature on the subject matter. Whenever needed the GetFeetWet technical staff added annotations to provide a non-technical translation and  what role component plays in delivering the desired SONAR solution.
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Audio Library
Linear CHIRP Sound
Exponential CHIRP Sound
Fixed Frequency Sonar Ping
Video Library
   Simrad BSM-2 CHIRP
   Garmin GSD 24 and Garmin GSD 26 CHIRP
   Raymarine Dragonfly CHIRP
   Raymarine Dragonfly in Action
   StructureScan HD
   Lowrance HDS Gen2 - Structure Map View 
Website Links
   Getting to the Bottom of CHRIP Technology
   SONAR Technology by AMIRM (ThehullTruth forum)
   Wikipedia  CHIRP Definition
   Wikepedia SONAR Wikipedia 
   TriTech UK
   Yacthing Magazine CHIRP Article
Website Tools
   Furuno Beam Width Calculator
   Furuno Radar Horizon Calculator
   Furuno Transducer Guide
   Furuno Transducer Beam Angle Coverage Calculator
   Furuno Radar Guide
   AirMar Transducer - Sounder Cross Refernce Guide
  Getfeetwet AirMar Transducer Matrix